Extendicare Mississauga

COVID-19 Outdoor Visit Guidelines

Guidelines for Outdoor Visits

As part of Extendicare’s readiness to introduce outdoor visits with residents, the following guidelines will be applied as we phase in our gradual re-opening and balance safety with the need for in person connection. Please carefully review these guidelines as they outline the requirements and precautions for outdoor visits.

1. There will be a specific outdoor visiting area location. The area will be set up to ensure physical distancing is maintained and all tables/chairs will be sanitized by staff following each visit.

2. Visitors will not enter the home to access the Outdoor Visiting Area and will follow the signs to the Outdoor Visiting Area entrance.

3. Visits will be limited to 30 minutes in length and will be scheduled for one home area/floor per time slot to ensure that residents and staff are not in contact with individuals from other home areas/floors. Visits will not be scheduled during mealtimes.

4. Staff will be available to supervise visits, ensure physical distancing, and keep start and end times on schedule. Timing between visits is important to allow for sanitizing of tables/chairs.

5. The home will work to facilitate one visit per resident per week. If this is not possible, due to operational need, space restrictions or bad weather, visitors will be notified, and a virtual visit will be scheduled.

6. Visitors will self-screen before arriving at the home using a province-specific VISITOR COVID-19 SCREENING form. If any visitor is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, have recently travelled or have come into contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive, the home will be contacted as soon as possible to cancel the visit and the visit will not be permitted to the long-term care home.

7. In addition to pre-screening, visitors will be required to pass an active screening questionnaire administered by home staff upon arrival. ONTARIO ONLY: During the screening process in Ontario, visitors must attest that they have tested negative for COVID-19 within the previous 2 weeks and subsequently not tested positive. The home is not responsible for providing the testing.

8. Visitors will be required to bring and wear a mask or face covering during their visit. The home will provide a surgical mask to visitors who do not have a face covering.

9. Visitors will be required to sanitize their hands before entering and when exiting the Outdoor Visiting Area. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

10. A maximum of 1 visitor will be permitted.

11. Visitors are required to maintain a 2 metre/6 foot physical distance from all others during their visit. This includes the resident they are visiting.

12. If visitors would like to bring any parcels, items or other goods for their loved one, ensure arrangements have been made prior to their visit. Food items will only be accepted if delivered in their original packaging.

13. Visitors will not be permitted to enter the home to use the washrooms.

14. Visitors are not to bring their pets at this time with an exception made for service animals.

Note: The health and safety of residents, their families and the well-being of our staff members is Extendicare’s priority. There will be zero tolerance for failure to comply with the Guidelines for Outdoor Visiting or any actions that may place the health and safety of residents, staff or families at risk. Visits will be discontinued if any rules are not followed.