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In lives full of remarkable moments, we help create even more.

Whether it’s a brief encounter or a life changing event, these unique moments enrich lives. And we do everything we can to make them happen.

To give you an idea of how we can make a difference, here are Remarkable Moments from our home.

Our Remarkable Moments

“Volunteering, Eh” for Canada’s Sesquicentennial

Extendicare Mississauga Annual Volunteer Recognition Event
Photo from moments galleryPhoto from moments gallery

Our Annual Volunteer Recognition Event was held on Saturday, April 29th, incorporating the national theme of “Volunteering, Eh” for Canada’s Sesquicentennial. This year we decided to change our format from a presentation-style to a more interactive approach. We were very proud to award once again, John Tavares, as the recipient of OLTCA’s Circle of Excellence. The main feature was Elaine Charal, Certified Graphologist who wowed everyone with her analysis of their handwriting, all positive of course. It was an absolute hit! We also had great interaction amongst our volunteers during the various activities, including a photo booth, animal folding contest, jewelry-making, origami, etc. Of course, the celebration was topped off with an enormous spread of delectable delights. Each volunteer in attendance received a colourful daisy, along with a goodie bag of sweets and a maple leaf ornament as a keepsake for Canada’s 150th Year! We had four lucky winners but the luckiest was, Mercedes Rojas, to her delight unveiled her grand prize taking home fold-up chair with Canada’s 150th Anniversary logo! A special thanks to Manuela De Silva (Housekeeping Staff) for showering us with her donation of delectable sweets and Jessica Sayago and Marion Manzo for professional photography at our photo booth!

Trip Down Memory Lane

Extendicare Mississauga had a Theme Week: “Trip Down Memory Lane” during the week of: September 19th - 23rd where residents share some old photos, antiques and stories.
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Extendicare Mississauga had a Theme Week: “Trip Down Memory Lane” during the week of: September 19th - 23rd. Residents enjoyed a 1960’s Classic Limited Edition MGB which was a loaner from our Administrator Dolly Kunji’s husband, Dave! Another hit was a donation by one of our staff, Mercy who brought an antique sewing machine. Families and staff were so gracious by offering to loan us their items for display, i.e. photos, artifacts, etc. which made our week such a success!

Behavioural Support for Recovery

Mr. R. was in his mid 80’s when he came to us...
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Mr. R. was in his mid 80’s when he came to us. Because his responsive behaviours had been quite severe, he had been treated with anti-psychotic drugs, which left him in a virtual vegetative state. Another side effect of the medications was that he became very stiff and immobile. Slowly, we weaned him off the medications replacing them with behavioural supports to occupy his hands and give him things to do that related to his past history. Initially his family was concerned and worried about what might happen but we convinced them to stick with it. Gradually he got his mobility back and became increasingly more alert. He began to smile more, he offered to help staff and engaged with other residents. His family are thankful that our approach worked and is overjoyed that they have him back.

Mr. R's Engagement and Involvement

When Mr. R. arrived, he was very cognitively impaired....
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When Mr. R. arrived, he was very cognitively impaired. He would sit and stare without speaking. When another male came into the living area, he suddenly became quite aggressive. When the Care Team met to assess what the trigger was, they determined that it seemed to be the presence of another male in the living area and Mr. R thought he should protect the ladies. We started to engage Mr. R. and he promptly asked for a job. We realized he needed a sense of purpose, so the PSW “hired” him to help her sort and distribute different personal hygiene items. Before long, Mr. R. was working every day and his quality of life took a turn for the better. He is now much more engaged and socially interactive.